Monthly Meeting of the Maronite Bishops, January 2013

The hospitality towards refugees fleeing from the war-torn Syria is a meritorious act that must be encouraged. But with the relentless rise in the number of refugees, the dangers of political stability and social order "that Lebanon is not able to support" also increase. So in the usual monthly meeting convened at the patriarchal seat in Bkerké on January 09, which was presided over by his Beatitude Cardinal Mar Beshara Peter Al rahi, the Synod of Maronite Bishops took note of the anxiety that the country is facing, whose fragile balances are put to the test by the economic crisis and the effects of the civil war in neighboring Syria. 

The Maronite Bishops also expressed the hope that the political parties reach a profitable and widely shared agreement by launching a new electoral law. In the final communiqué, the Fathers reminded everyone to serve peace in that part of the world - the Middle East - "that God chose to reveal the mystery of salvation and redemption." The Bishops express concern "for the daily rise in the number of refugees, among them the presence of Palestinians." The Synodal statement hopes that the parliamentary commission finds a solution to ensure effective equality and equality in the representation of all members of the Lebanese people. According to Lebanese sources, in a meeting held last Sunday always in Bkerké, the various political Christian forces - currently divided and linked to opposing coalitions - have reached a consensus on the draft electoral law proposed by the "Orthodox gathering", according to which citizens should vote for candidates belonging to their respective faiths.

The fathers also congratulated Orthodox and Coptic Christians who celebrated Christmas and Epiphany on January 06 "as per the old Christian Habits", as mentioned in the communiqué.

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