The Monk, The Teacher

Al Hardini was ordained a priest on the 25th of December 1835, he was very motivated, determined and devoted to serve God and his brothers the monks. He stayed until 1838 as monk in the monastery of Kfifane teaching literary theology, syriac language for the brothers and teaching children. He also helped in the liturgical services like baptisms, funerals and holy masses. On the 18th of August 1838, and after a recommendation from his friend father Saba Al Akouri Superior of the monastery at that time, he was elected by the monks of Kfifane to accompany Father Al Akouri to the general electoral congregation which took place on the 10th of November 1838.

Monastery Of Kfifane

Besides teaching theology, the authority appointed him as a responsible for the novices affairs in Kfifane for six years (1838-1845). He never looked at his position with pride, but considered it a service, he endeavored to do the common good and to praise God. He always gave his opinion according to the wisdom gifted to him from the Lord, he acted according to the rules and his living conscience without compromise, he had a great integrity and was focused on one purpose: God and the Maronite Order. He liked common good with a loving but wise attitude and he acted fairly with everyone. When reproaching misbehavers, he mixed strictness with humbleness and love to make it easier for them to accept the rules, and he often took the punishment that he imposed on misbehavers to teach himself being more merciful and to be an example for them to follow.

He always incited his students to be serious and motivated them to be loyal to God and to the Order. He taught them literary theology in light of the Holy Spirit, sowed in their hearts the monastic virtues besides education, he advised them always to combine education with good virtues because if education is not accompanied by piety it becomes a burden on oneself and on the church as history shows. He was a living example of piety and righteousness for his students, he always recommended not to waste precious time as joblessness is the mother of vices, and he taught them more by his behaviors than by his words.


  1. I met St. Al Hardini in one of my most tying times. Being a new migrant in Australia at the height of winter season with no family around and no job to support my means, I was getting desperate. Months have passed without any job interviews and much more job application rejections, I was losing finances quickly. I was staying with friends and relatives from one house to another with only ‘IOU’s” as payment of my stays with them. In this difficult predicament I never lose faith in Jesus and Mary. I was literally groping in the dark, I don’t know which turn to take and the only navigator was that flicker of hope in me surrounded by a vast sea of darkness.

    In one afternoon I came across going to this church and saw the figurines of all the catholic saints. For some unknown reason, my attention was led to St. Al Hardini, whom I’ve never heard of in my whole catholic life. It was like gravity pulling me towards his presence. I took some time reading his profile in front of the statue and felt something different right on as if some one was telling me to ask for his intercession and ‘he won’t let you down’. I did. I prayed his prayer novena and further researched this noble saint’s life and miraculously I did get a job within that same week of asking him my special favour. It was such a moving experience for me that despite of not knowing him at all and yet was given the opportunity to be interceded. Immediately after getting a job I promised St Al Hardini that I will testify how he vouchsafe my plight to the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, he never failed as what was whispered to me on the first time we met.

    Just pray to him, ask for his help. St. Al-Hardini won’t let you down as he did on me. It’s not by chance that you re reading this letter and its not just a matter of time that I was hired, it was the grace of God who directed me in the place that I am, and so are you.

    1. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with Saint Al Hardini. Let's ask for his intercession before the Most High to help those who feel abandoned and forgotten. Amen.