Starting Again From Lebanon

Rarely has a message from the Pope during a journey been understood and received with admiration and concord approaching unanimity as it has on this occasion. There have been very few dissenting voices. And rightly so. It was a very welcome sign of the sense of responsibility of media professionals.
The mission of the unarmed prophet, who went unhesitatingly, resolutely, to talk about peace in a region and at a time of heated conflicts and protests, was a message of strength and of uncommon power. While all around the region mostly continue to rely above all on power and weapons, and hatred is relentlessly promoted, the words of dialogue and mutual respect, the invitation to reconciliation, the exhortation to young people of different religious faiths to build a future of peace together echoed with clear and fascinating veracity, from the lips “of one who speaks with authority” unlike other less credible teachers.
Particularly encouraging was his reception by the Muslim religious leaders of Lebanon, who welcomed the message of peace and collaboration between Christians and Muslims for peace in their own land with respect and openness, in the heart of the Middle East.
Sincere respect for the beliefs of others is the foundation of those thoughts, those words and those gestures of peace of which the Pope spoke once again, and of which there is an extreme need on the part of everyone and throughout the world, which is now a global village, in order not to irresponsibly feed uncontrolled and violent reactions. The Pope and the Catholic Church are doing their part for peace in the world; those who have the instruments of power in the political, military and communications spheres should also do their part in this crucial effort for the future of humanity.

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