Al Hardini Makes the Provisions Overflow

After the incident that occured with Father Al Hardini at the Monastery of Saint Michael Bhersaf, he was transferred to the Monastery of Saint Artemius (Mar Shallita) at Al Kattara in the summer of 1856. On one occasion, Brother Gabriel Kayto “the Kararji” (the monk responsible for the provisions at the monastery) told the Superior, father Bernard Kayto that the provisions of the monastery are not enough for the winter season and the barn is more than half empty of crops. As the Superior’s mandate was near its end and he was leaving permanently the Monastery of Al Kattara for the General Congregation, it was not appropriate for him to leave his post with empty or too little provisions for his successor.

Monastery of Mar Shallita, Al Kattara

The Superior came to check the provisions and he noticed in fact that the barn was more than half empty, he also checked the other kinds of provisions and realized that the reserves of the Monastery were very little. Not being able to find any solution, he left and came back with Father Al Hardini, who stood at the door of the provision room and asked for water, prayed over it, and sprayed it over the provisions and the barn.

After a while, as the kararji was performing his regular control on the provisions, he found the barn full of wheat, he was extremely surprised and left the room running and screaming loudly and joyfully saying:”the barn is full, it is even overflowing!”. Everybody rushed to the provision room with the Superior and they saw the wheat overflowing and realized what happened. All the monks were very happy and they praised God and thanked him for what he did for them through Father Al Hardini's intercession.

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