Monthly Meeting of the Maronite Bishops, January 08, 2014

Lebanon looks like Prometheus, the mythological greek friend of mankind, punished by the gods for having brought to men the gift of fire. In the same way, the Land of the cedars is affected because in an area of the world torn by sectarian strife, from ethnic-religious cleansing to clashes to impose obscurantist regimes. Thus, resorting to Greek mythology, the monthly Assembly of the Maronite bishops - was held on Wednesday, January 8 in the patriarchal seat in Bkerké under the presidency of Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rai - who described the condition of the Country in this dramatic historical moment, calling on all the Lebanese "to renew their act of faith in Lebanon as an entity and as a formula, preserving the role and the mission carried out in the region and within the international community".

The sectarian and political reasons invoked to justify "the reign of terror that one tries to impose with car bombs, with growing instability and various attacks", reads the final communiqué of the Assembly, pose all Lebanese together in front of the responsibility to avoid their homeland to be turned into a devastated land".Lebanon has lived without a government for nine months. The vetoes of opposing political blocks paralyze the Country's political life, as they approach the presidential elections, scheduled for next May. The bishops in their statement urge all parliamentarians "to take charge of their duties", hastening to form a government that measures up to the dramatic moment experienced by the Country and ensuring the continuity of vital institutions.

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