Bkerke is Against a "Fait Accompli" Government in Lebanon

The highest representatives of the Maronite Church are opposed to the formation of a "fait accompli" government that does not represent the balance of political forces operating in the Country of the Cedars. This was declared by Bishop Boulos Nabil El-Sayah, with reference to the considerations attributed to the Maronite Curia. "The Maronite Patriarch is against the formation of a "fait accompli" government because such a step could exacerbate the political impasse", said Bishop El-Sayah in an interview published in the newspaper Al-Joumhouria. The idea of creating such a government, according to the Maronite Bishop, is a danger to "the entire Lebanese society", because it risks aggravating the conflicting tendencies that already afflict the Country after the recent new wave of attacks.

The political stalemate in Lebanon which began eight months ago because of the vetoes of the two political blocs - the coalition on March 8 and the coalition on March 14 – appears to be untenable, now that the Country seems to be falling back into chaos. The March 8 coalition - which includes the Hezbollah Shiite party and the Free Patriotic Current, led by the Maronite general Michel Aoun - has proposed the formation of a government that confers 9 ministers in each of the two opposing blocs and 6 ministers to centrist independents. This proposal contrasts with the idea of a "neutral" government, which wants Hezbollah out of the government and this would have the likely side effect of postponing the presidential elections, scheduled for next May.

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