300 Christians Are Killed Every Day Because of Their Faith

Since the year 2000, 160 thousand persecutions of Christians have been registered every year. A Christian is killed every 5 minutes because of their faith. Italian association Luci sull’Est (Light over the East) has established the "Osservatorio sulla Cristianofobia" (Christianophobia Observatory) which aims to create awareness among public opinion on this tragic situation affecting Christians throughout the world.

Persecution of Christians been going on since ever

The Observatory’s website –www.osservatoriocristianofobia.it – collects and publishes all the main news stories on the issue and is collecting signatures to present a Petition to the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz. The Petition condemns and aims to stop all acts of persecution and discrimination against Christians and calls for the introduction of an anti-Christianophobia Day.

“With this Observatory – Luci sull’Est’s director, Silvio Dalla Valle explains – and above all, thanks to the help of all those who decide to sign the petitions in defense of persecuted Christians and do their bit, we hope to give a voice to those who have been deprived it, as well as offer as much assistance and economic support as is within our means, to Christians who are suffering persecution and discrimination.”

Dalla Valle went on to say that the Observatory “aims to denounce and fight against not just the violent persecution suffered by Christians and the Catholic Church across the world but also other forms of persecution that may be less obvious but are just as dangerous. These forms persecution are taking place in many liberal countries, from Europe all the way to the United States.”

It is in these very countries that various forms of persecution such as the lack of respect for places of worship, discrimination in the workplace and distorted representations of Christians in the media are on the rise. Not to mention attempts to limit conscientious objection and even the difficulties parents face in educating their children according to their Christian beliefs.

Luce sull’Est’s director concluded by saying: “I personally hope and so does the entire Luci sull’Est Association, that this new project will soon bear its first fruits, helping define a new era as soon as possible; an era in which the right to life, to dignity and to religious freedom, are not just relative realities, but a commonly shared reality.”

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