Saint Al Hardini At Work

Saint Al Hardini often went to funerals with his superior to offer his condolences and comfort the family of the deceased. He never wasted his time during such events to pay visits to friends and parishioners but went straight away to the church, and after the funeral he returned directly to the monastery. People ran to him whenever they saw him, asking for his blessing and giving him water to pray over it, and he never rejected or frustrated anyone, but he always blessed the water for everybody and prayed for anyone who asked for his prayer. 

Many people from the surrounding areas came to him with their anguish and trouble, to take blessed water for their land and cattle, and for the curing of their sickness and disease. With the strength of his prayer and his intercession before the most high, he healed the sick, and the crops were saved from many natural disasters. 

Father Al Hardini gave the absolution for the sinners, he relieved them by spreading in their hearts the seed of hope, and he never refused to give advices to anyone, but he gave his guidance to praise God and to save souls with a remarkable honesty and love. 

Monastery of Saint Antonios Kozhaya at the Kannoubine Valley

In the morning, he offered his day and his work to God, especially before the beginning of any task, and he spent most of his time at work and prayer. His work was mainly with the monks at the fields and he also did the archiving job (which he learned at the monastery of Saint Kozhaya, and kept doing it even after he became vicar general). He never had any empty time during his day, but he always occupied himself either with a spiritual task or with a job for the monastery. Very often at night, after that his brothers the monks have gone to sleep, he went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.


  1. The above image it's the monastery of saint lishaa and not the kozhayya one.
    It's located at the start of the valley underneath bsharry.