Photos Of the Ceremony of Creation of the Six New Cardinals in the Vatican

The six Cardinals "to be" arriving to Saint Peter's Basilica

Waiting for the Pope to Arrive...

Pope Benedict XVI Arrives to Saint Peter's Basilica and Kneels Down
in Front of the Holy Eucharist

President Michel Sleiman, the First Lady  and Several Lebanese Officials
Attending the Ceremony

Beginning of the Ceremony

Each of the New Cardinals Reads a Text From the Holy Scriptures

The Papal Seat in Front of the Altar
The Fabulous Saint Peter's Basilica and Architectural Masterpiece

The Great Looking Altar Built Over Saint Peter's Tomb

Mar Bechara Peter Al Rahi Kneels Down Before the Successor of Peter
to Receive the Red Hat

The Pope Makes Bechara Peter Al Rahi Cardinal By Laying on His Hand
over His Head

Pope Benedict XVI Congratulates the New Cardinal

Carinal Al Rahi is Congratulated by His Fellow Cardinals

The Pope Prepares to Leave the Basilica

Pope Benedict XVI Greets President Sleiman in the Midst of Heavy Applause
Especially From Lebanese Attendance 

A Formal Reception Honoring the Solemn Event

President Sleiman Grants the New Cardinal the Highest Decoration of the
Lebanese Republic 

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