Christmas Tree and Decoration in the Vatican And in Bkerke

A 30m high Christmas tree at Saint Peter's square at the Vatican

The famous Vatican dome and the Christmas tree from the right angle

The Life-size Nativity scene and the Christmas tree from the left angle

Rain can only add to the charm and colors of Saint Peter's square
during Christmas time

Pope Benedict XVI giving a Christmas time greeting  to believers
at Saint Peter's square

Nativity cavern at Bkerke courtyard

The maronite Patriarch lighting the magnificent Christmas tree
at the front yard in Bkerke

Fireworks and glitters in front of the Church of the Resurrection in Bkerke

Believers attending the ceremony of the lighing of the Christmas tree by
His Beatitude the Maronite Patriarch


  1. blue light are for Hannukah ..... What happened to red white and green?

  2. Wonderful Pictures, Thanks for Sharing.