"I Shall Reach Heaven Before you"

Blessed Estephan Nehme enjoyed the virtue of quietness which has always been a much appreciated asset for a monk. He rarely spoke, and when he did he only said the necessary words with a great deal of reflection. His voice was always low. 

Blessed Brother Estephan Nehme

There was a priest called father Estephan who knew Blessed Estephan Nehme pretty well and he witnessed about him saying: “nobody ever heard any hurtful word or lie from him. If he was ever angry with someone he said: ‘your devil burn in hell’, and I heard this word from him many times. Once I asked him: brother and teacher Estephan did the devil do anything wrong to you that you always burn it in hell? He answered me nicely with a smile and said: am I burning it? It will be burning in hell anyway!” 

He used to welcome his brothers the monks warmly with a deep fraternity, and he always had a smiley face and was cheerful, nobody ever witnessed him being angry. He always accepted happily the advices and opinions from his superiors with calmness. He always made people who meet him smile, and everyone who dealt with him was extremely pleased. 

Blessed Estephan was also much appreciated and loved by his brothers the monks and he was very close to them. He never hesitated to help and assist anyone who asked him, and joked nicely with them and they also joked often with him. 

On the eve of the ordainment of the man of God father Youssef Kairuz a priest, he came to brother Estephan joking and said to him:”brother Estephan, this is the last night that you can call me brother, tomorrow I shall become a priest and be more important than you” but brother Estephan answered him also with a joke saying:” do you think that priests can reach heaven before brothers? I shall reach heaven before you.”

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