Getting Closer to God

After that Saint Rafqa has left her parental house for the convent of the Mariamites, she knew quietness and peace. Her aim was to see God, but in order to see him she had to die. This death was first of all the renouncement of everything that had to do with the world, including the good and bad things of life. 

A picture of Saint Rafqa
during her young age

The one that she has chosen as a unique subject for her love and her life, has remained in her as he has promised her (John 15:4), he separated her from everything even from her own self. 

God was revealing himself to Rafqa through the difficulties and pains of life, just as he revealed himself in the bush in front of Moses. That bush, that flame, the mighty God who is present and who is revealing his presence in the ardent bush for Moses, was for Boutrossiyé revealing himself in a bush full of thorns and rigor. But this bush was also full of divine and perfect love for the girl who listened to the call. Her soul returned a pure and perfect love to God through the thorns and difficulties. 

The difficulties that Boutrossiyé endured during her life, just as Moses did, were a preparation for her for the big and serious matters. God started the law with thorns, he started the grace with thorns, and concluded everything on the cross. Therefore thorns and cross are proper things to the grace and love of Jesus. 

“The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of” (revelation 12:6), that was the behavior of young Boutrossiyé who separated herself from her parents, friends and people, leaving everything that had to do with this world.

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