You Shall Become A Religious

This is how Saint Rafqa told the story of how she joined the religious order in Bikfaya:” I went to the convent of Our Lady of deliverance in Bikfaya which belonged to the Mariamite sisters. On my way, I crossed three girls and I told them: I am going to the convent of Our Lady of deliverance to become a religious, would you like to come with me? Two of them answered positively and the third said: when I find out that you have persevered at the convent, I will follow you.”

“Then all three of us headed for the convent. When I entered the church, I felt a great joy and interior satisfaction. When I looked at the picture of Our Lady I heard a voice coming from her that went directly into my conscience saying: You shall become a religious.”

Miraculous icon of
Our Lady of deliverance

“Then I asked to see the superior mother to tell her about our decision to become nuns. When she came to see us I prayed her to accept me at the convent. The other two girls accompanying me did the same. The superior took me by the hand and walked me inside the convent without asking me anything. Then she looked at the two other girls and said: you will return later to the convent and you will be accepted. When they heard the words of the superior they told me: you are blessed to be accepted at the convent.”

“As for me, I was impressed to see the superior mother accepting my supplication without asking me anything. I attributed this to Our Lady of deliverance whom I saw the picture inside the church.”

The Most High has fulfilled the young girl’s desires. The Lord has demonstrated one more time that human beings are not toys or objects of destiny. Every human being is conducted by God who has a magnificent plan for each person, provided that people have ears to listen and eyes to see.

Boutrossiyé Al Rayess understood that she was a blessed girl, she realized that she was a sheep of the Good Shepherd. She gave herself completely to providence and to the living source of love and life.

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