Saint Rafqa's First Communion

Little Boutrossiyé was overwhelmed with joy when she learned that she was called to be sitting for the first time at the “table of the angels” to receive her first communion. She was preparing herself ardently for the event, the heart of the little girl was burning with divine love and she was consumed with joy and fulfillment. Boutrossiyé was ten years old when she received her first communion.

The church of Saint George in the village of Himlaya

Her soul who always liked to be alone, understood very well the meaning of the Holy Eucharist. Since her deep understanding of the importance of this Holy sacrament, she was longing for the day when she will be honored by her first encounter with Christ through the Holy Communion. She was eager to experience God’s love and to return this love with her innocent devotion and pure love.

Many have testified about Saint Rafqa’s life, and all have agreed upon the fact that even in her early years, she remained faithful at all times to her Christian beliefs. She was deeply attached to her faith that she considered to be the only truth, she was firmly committed to Jesus as she understood quite well that he was the way and the truth and the life.

A year after her first communion, little Boutrossiyé received the sacrament of confirmation at the Saint George church at the parish in Himlaya. She has kept the same innocence that she had on the day of her baptism, and she never broke nor even loosened her strong ties with the Lord.

Around the same period, she was sent to school. She put all her efforts in her studies. After school she used to return immediately back home without stopping or giving any attention to children games of her age. She was the exemplary student with her frankness, meekness and her absolute obedience.

The graces received by the little girl were the first signs of the particular Divine plans for her. With her continuous prayers and personal encounters with Christ through the Holy Eucharist, she became resolved to sanctify herself perfectly for Jesus.

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