Saint Charbel's Character

Saint Charbel looked like someone who was naïve and slow minded, but in reality he was very smart, and sharp minded. He had a pure heart, his speech was simple and nice, transparent without any ambiguity. His answers were always brief and concise but very clear. He only spoke the words that were necessary, to help people and for the salvation of souls. All his speeches were exclusively around religious subjects, all his acts oriented towards the salvation of his soul and the salvation of his neighbor.

Saint Charbel

He had a genuine opinion with regards to theological matters, and his little talk made of him a very concentrated and quick minded person. His smartness was reflected in the perfection of his job and acts, and everything around him was in a perfect and harmonious state. But all his wisdom and cleverness was sacrificed for the good of others, and he was crushing his own wills and desires for the sake of others, until he became a living example of the words of David in the psalms: I have become your slave and I am with you every day.

He had a naïve heart and he never had any intention or wish in his whole life except God, God alone. But he was far from being a naïve person and he had the wisdom of the Saints, he never left any occasion or reason for his superiors or brothers to blame or criticize him for any kind of misbehavior, but he always performed well his duties, honestly and precisely. He never forgot any of his due tasks and was always seeking the satisfaction of his superiors and brothers leaving no place for them to find any gap in his acts.

His strict observance of the monastic rules showed his deep knowledge of such rules. His talk of the spirit was a supreme talk since that he had taken the way of ultimate perfection that he would never give away, not even a little. With his discipline he managed to put everything around him in order and he never pronounced any single word out of the context. His Theological answers were deep and meaningful and his wisdom has spared him bad thoughts and temptations, superstitions and unnecessary exaggerations.

When he studied at the monastery of Kfifane, he worked very hard and learnt very well, but he always looked naïve and poor minded. When it came to acts of penance and repression of the body, even though frequent and continuous, he always did such acts with joy and persistence, and he never suffered any illness or health disorder due to the tough acts of penance.

Besides his decent tongue, his good discipline implied respect and appreciation for him from all those who knew him. He never caused anyone to stumble, but quite the contrary, as everybody considered him to be a Saint and asked for his blessing, his superiors considered him to be an example to follow. He had the wisdom that was not of this world, as he was not of this world.

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