Merciful and Loving

At the time of Brother Estephan, the Monastery of Mayfouq was hosting 73 monks. When anyone of them crossed Brother Estephan, he embraced him with respect and love, because every night after his return from the field, Estephan visited all of them in their rooms and checked on them with love, and took care of the necessities of the eldest among them. And if he ever heard any monk speaking badly about any of his brothers, he left immediately with sadness.

Monastery of Our Lady of Mayfouq

One of the workers at the monastery of Kfifane testified:” I was a fourteen years old young man working on the land with the pick behind the ox, as oxen usually leave undone parts of land especially near walls, trees and vines. As I was still young my hands were not used to this kind of long and hard work, my palms cracked and blood came out. When Brother Estephan saw me he felt pity for me and said:”O Dear” and made me stop working and brought a special kind of herbs known for healing wounds and took care of my wounds. When he finished he said to me:”stop working with the pick, go and collect some stones” and this kind of work was a lot easier for me.”

Brother Estephan was very merciful to the workers and laborers who came to him to repair the agricultural tools: plows, yokes, forks, picks and others, he always made the necessary repairs for them with great pleasure and always talked to them nicely but with decency and a lot of respect.

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