A Culture Coming From the Heart

In his days, Saint Charbel was a real man of sanctity, his physical appearance inspired a simple and naïve man but in reality he was a master in theology and in spiritual matters. He was very smart and he excelled in his studies of literary theology, as well as the mastering of the Syriac language, and the translation from Syriac to Arabic and the mastering of the Arabic language. His answers were always clear and convincing, his conversations with other priests were about literary theology, the salvation of souls, the sacrament of reconciliation, and his tongue overflowed with words proceeding from his generous heart which was burning with Divine love.

The old church at the monastery of Saint Maron Annaya

Father Aalwan testified:” On several occasions he came from the hermitage down to the monastery to help us in the baking of the bread. He spoke to us about theology and we learned a lot from him. He was good at answering questions more than anyone else. He was accurate in his answers and nice in his expressions and very humble. He never spoke unless he was asked to, and all his speeches about piety and prayer revealed to us the deepness of his faith. He often mentioned verses from the Holy Gospel and the Holy scriptures and suggested to have each one of us say a verse that begins with the last letter of the mentioned verse, and he used to explain it.”

He never got bored or tired of reading the holy Gospel and from meditating about the life of Christ. He was an honest follower of the Gospel and he tried all his life to imitate Christ, he undertook all the deeds that made him worthy of being a disciple of Jesus: obedience, modesty, faithfulness, love for his neighbor as for himself, and prayer.

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