Joy and Contentment

Saint Charbel was always content in his life and in every situation that he happened to be in, he never asked for anything different or better, but only longed for God’s will. He lived his happiness wherever the authority ordered him to be. It was good for him either to sweep the floor, to cook, to work in the field or anything else, as long as he was complying with his vow of obedience in front of God. On many occasions whenever he needed anything from the Superior, he asked one of his friends to talk to him and did not address him directly, out of extreme humbleness. He deprived himself from the necessities that were essential to everyday’s life, he always accepted the least, the most degraded and most difficult matter in everything.

The Hermitage of Saint Peter and Paul, Annaya

Saint Charbel was like a child, he had a clean and pure heart, he was extremely simple. Arrogance and artificialness were totally unknown to him. He was extremely transparent in his behaviors with others, he never offended anyone except himself by additional acts of penance. Father Charbel never asked for a hard work to punish himself, or to pray for long hours in front of the Holy Eucharist, but he was happy whenever he was ordered to perform such duties, and did it with a great joy. He was steady in his beliefs, and was very determined in his acts of penance, which he happily conducted until the last moment of his life. Nobody ever heard Charbel complaining about anything in his whole life, everything about him was extremely simple whether it was his food, his clothes or his job. He rarely talked to people and never started a conversation with anyone, he was not even aware of what was going on in the Maronite Order or with the monks, except for the tasks that he was ordered to perform.

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