The Scent Of Jesus!

From Estephan the monk

Brother Estephan was revered and very respected by everyone, people admired his righteousness and his true piety, and the exceptional virtues that he had. With his charming character, everybody loved him for what he represented. Superiors used to compete between themselves to have him in their monasteries, as a joy for the convent. He was the exemplary monk for the people of the monastery, including the fathers and brothers, he was the lighthouse for the workers, and the example to follow for everyone else with his good behavior. Everybody spoke about the holiness of his soul, and if he ever heard an unnecessary or bad discussion he showed his displeasure on his face, and the discussion would end immediately out of respect for him.

Monastery of Kfifane, where Blessed Brother Estephan
spent most of his monastic life

Beshara Nehme witnessed:” I first met him when he was a student at the institute of Our Lady of Mayfouq, at church he was a living example of faith and of the spirit of piety to anyone who looked at him, especially for us children”.

His nephew witnessed:”when we were young men, sometimes we used to meet with him, and we always saw in him the good example. The good news that we used to hear about him from the Maronite Order, were like the perfume of the Christ that was scented everywhere”.

His nephew the priest Boulos witnessed:”my uncle made me want to be pious, and he was the one who encouraged me to the priesthood and gave me the good example. I used to see in him the Christ with his humbleness and meekness”.

His niece, Sister Marina witnessed:”Every time I saw him he lectured me about ethics and good behaviors and he said to me: “beware my daughter, a girl is like glass, if she is damaged she will fade. Preserve your religious duties and keep away from the unethical manners of the girls of this generation, and do not follow fashion”. He made me want the religious order with his love and wisdom, as I never dreamt to join the monastery. He proceeded to ask for an acceptance for me to join the monastery, but his early death didn’t let him finish the job, so I blamed my luck! But on one night I saw my uncle Brother Estephan and he said to me:”do not be scared, I did not die, I’m alive!” so I told him: what about my vocation? He answered: “do not be scared, leave it to God and all will be fine”. On the next day I was granted the acceptance and I joined the monastery”.

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