The Curing of Najib El Khoury

From Charbel The Hermit

Around 1873, doctor Najib Beik El Khoury went severely ill and was nearing death. His mother asked for father Charbel to come and pray over him hoping that he would be healed. As his father was also a doctor, he knew that his case was critical and uncurable. When the messenger reached father Charbel, he told him to come by night. Then the messenger explained to him that the patient’s situation is critical and cannot be delayed, and they needed to move instantly. Then father Charbel said:”I will leave now with you, but I do not want anyone to see me”. He said that out of his humbleness because he didn’t want to attract people’s attention to him.

The Way to Saint Charbel's hermitage in Annaya

When they reached the patient’s house, his temperature was very high and he was in a coma. He had typhoid. Father Charbel prayed over him and wiped his forehead with a wet handkerchief of blessed water. The patient opened his eyes immediately after being in a coma for several days and said two words:”Father Charbel!” Then his mother told him to kiss father Charbel’s hand and he did.

Father Charbel then said to those who were present:”Praise God, he is cured, give him something to eat”. First they hesitated because the patient had typhoid and it was believed at that time that food might ruin him, but father Charbel insisted on them to feed him and he left. Afterwards, they gave him food, he ate and was relaxed.

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