Al Hardini Vicar General

On the 17th of February 1845, the Vatican issued an apostolic order for the designation of the General Authority of the Maronite Order. Father Saba Al Akouri was appointed Superior General, and fathers: Boulos from Mtein, Al Hardini from Hardine, Karubim from Bkassine, and Hanania from Aramoun, were appointed vicars general.

With the chaotic situation that was prevailing at the maronite order at that time, and with the influence and interference of the political authorities, many monks were pushed to protest against such nominations. Some of them went even further and broke in into the monastery of Tamish, and confiscated the documents and registers of the superior’s office, as well as the seals of the superior and the vicars general. The Superior was forced later on to have new seals forged for his office for the year 1845.

As for father Al Hardini who was aware of the situation, he dismounted the seal related to his position and hid it at the corner of the outside lintel of the window in his room, then he closed firmly the window. When the conspirators reached his office, they asked him for his seal in a respectful way, saying:"reverent father please give us the seal" and he answered them:"the seal is not with me, sons". Al Hardini was the only vicar general who saved his seal thanks to his wisdom and common sense.

During Al Hardini's time and according to the monastic rules, every vicar general had a private servant who accompanied him and served him. Al Hardini refused to have someone dedicated for his service, and he continued to serve himself. On the other hand, he kept on traveling frequently to the monastery of Kfifane to teach the brothers.

Monastery of Saint Rock (Mar Roukoz) Ajaltoun

On the 26th of September 1845, Al Hardini took part in the congregation of the vicars general upon which   many important resolutions were taken such as the decision to build the monastery of Saint Rock (Mar Roukoz) Ajaltoun, and to convert some of the Order’s locations into monasteries like: Al Kattara, Jdeideh, Ashash, Saint Yaacoub Al Hosn, Kobbayh and Rimat. On 1847, the northern passageway in the monastery of Annaya was built. Higher education was introduced to the order as well as foreign languages, and several elite monks were commissioned to the "Jesuit fathers school" in Ghazir for this end. Also on 1847, the Zeghzeghi family donated a house to the Maronite Order in Hammana which was converted later on into a school for the villagers.

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